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Upcoming Project: Space Sci-Fi Story

Hello all,

I wanted to give a preview of what is up and coming for the Month of December!

I will be working on my Space Sci-Fi Story.

At a high-level, it will be loosely based on Greek Mythology. Following a girl and her companion across the universe in search of map components. Once completed the map will review a secret treasure that was hidden away from her grandfathers jealous wives.

I am sure you can figure out which god I am referring to from the Greek Myths and which wife :-P.

I have not decided on a final name for the book... and if it will turn into a series. But so far I have jotted down a high level outline that Brian and I will flesh out into a more detailed story and also created two Book Covers and some other just "promotional" art. This will be my focus for the next several weeks... but I may be posting other Arts and Crafts entries in between.

Hope you enjoy!

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