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2 Month Sprint - Set 2

Alright ya'll. On to Set 2 - of my 2 month sprint of crafting! In my last post, I showed you all the crafts that I made for my husband! In this post - I will photo dump you with all the rest of the crafts and creations I did for XMAS 2020!

There will be a lot of pictures so this most may take some time to load all of them. Many of these design elements came from Canva but a few were also, google searched, modified, and also straight for the noggin. I am actually pretty proud of my noggin creations... I have a hard time creating things from "scratch" most of the time and need a bit of inspiration. My husband says that is actually VERY normal... a lot of artists and creatives take photos first, then paint, or use things to trace or as reference, so I should not feel so bad about it.

Here were the "themes" I had to work with :

  1. Space / Musical Notes

  2. Gloomhaven / Final Fantasy

  3. Star Wars / Baking

  4. My Little Pony / Frozen / Bunnies

  5. Beach / Food

  6. Retro Games

  7. Camping