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2 Month Sprint - Set 1 of Many Projects

So - wow... I know I said that I would be trying to do 1 craft/creation/design, etc. a week or two and yet here we are almost a month and half since my last REAL post. Most of the wait on the post was intentional ... other parts not.

During the month of December I primary focused on thinking Christmas Gifts and deciding on which of the cool ideas from my brainstorming that I would make.

Behold! I present to you the fruits of my labor in Christmas Gift making! As you probably can understand, I did not want to post these BEFORE Christmas as it may have spoiled all the surprises for the folks I made them for. For some background on this, I asked all of the family members for a theme. I would then use this "theme" to create (and in some cases buy) the gifts for them this year.

First out of the gate: My husband

For my husband this year, he asked for "Retro" gaming themes and just general gaming themes. So here is what I made him.

  1. 3 T-shirt Designs. All three designs were done in and I printed 2 straight from Canva and converted one into an SVG/PNG for loading into Cricut Design space to cut from various color HTVs.