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Thankful For ... Holiday Time!

Hello all -

I know I mentioned that I would be posting more over this holiday period... but I got so distracted in gaming and other fun things... that I ended up forgetting to do some extra posts.

That said - I figured I would give you guys a quick review of the Cabin that my Mom and I stayed at this past weekend (not 28 and 29, but the 21-22 weekend). And about some activities we did while there!

First off - so everybody knows, the state we live in is Virginia. So that means we usually go to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains usually within the Shenandoah area as this is close to most if not all of the major metropolitan cities.

The Virginia area is really quite good for having a full round of seasons. That said - this means that the fall weather brings beautiful scenery and colorful scenes. I believe this is why Virginia has so many of those "for Lovers" sayings. It really has a great overall offering of things to do. The only downside I would say about Virginias scenery is that you do have to do a bit of a drive to get "the best" of ONE world. There isn't really any key areas, like in California, where you can see the Ocean and the Mountains in one nice view. But there are nice views of Rivers and Lakes... which makes the Ocean view less needed.

If you want to do a nice "glamping" experience, there are so many options to choose from in Virginia. You can do good old fashioned campgrounds in State Parks, KOA Campgrounds, and even Cabins! For this adventure, we choose to do the Cabin experience. We typically stick to these types of experiences as they have most if not all the amenities right there in the area.<