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I have been thinking a lot about some catchy phrase to describe the essence and content of my website. After long deliberation I have decided to spin off the "Eat.Sleep.Play.Repeat" ... there are so many other variations with the EAT SLEEP in it. I thought - why do we need to say "sleep" that is a natural thing. Well for most of us it is. Same would be said for eating. But here are my thoughts on the catchy phrase for the "Julia Robinette" playground for creativity.

Eat.Create.Play.Repeat  Created by Julia Robinette via
Eat.Create.Play.Repeat Created by Julia Robinette via


  • EAT - I love eating. Especially sugary delicious foods! On my adventures in Julia's Playground, I will be exploring different tasty treats. I may even be making some of those tasty treats. Which brings me to the next part of the catch phrase...