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Baking and Making - Part 2

The past two weeks were quite an adventure in the Baking and Making category! As mentioned in my last post - I am attempting to meet the "Holiday Baking" theme. Interestingly enough... I ended up more on the candy making side. What can I say.... all the Pinterest posts looked so delicious on the candy making side... I had to give them a try.

So first up was an attempt at those "Gingerbread" Houses that people do every year. I figured how hard could this be... right? Well boy, was I wrong on that. I was often wondering to myself throughout this process of how parents could do this activity with their kids. Especially those perfectionist, crafter people... sheesh :-P. The whole process took me like maybe 2 days (I had to take breaks in between because I was getting frustrated).

In no way did the final product look like the picture. Below are a few snaps from the process and the finished product.