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One Craft a Week!

So it has been a few weeks since my last post and it has been a busy last few weeks! My full-time day job has been keeping me busy, so my free time has been limited. But at last... I am finally able to get back into these awesome hobbies! Between the mumble jumble with work and just trying to relax at home , I did a few shopping sprees. In my last post I mentioned that I had just bought a Cricut Maker... well it has been a blast so far exploring all the functions and features it has!

As part of my "destress 2020" escapade, I have made a goal to do some kind of "craft" at least once a week (and to write about the experience on here).

Since it has been two weeks since my last post (or has it been more?), I ended up doing about 2-3 different activities either this weekend or during the very short periods of time I could actually relax.

My first project on the Cricut was one of the "out of the box" projects. It was basically just a quick cut. I choose some images from the initial "get started" set. Followed the instructions from Design Space and bam (well after a few minutes of the machine cutting) ... I had "Hello Autumn" and the picture of the mountain and leaves cut! I could not just stop with that, I took those cuts and placed them on a thick cardboard (postcard size) and decorated it up! Behold... below is my first creation using the Cricut Maker!