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First "Design"

Hello all. I have found some really great design apps and software out there. I wanted to showcase something I created today as my "first" design. I will be doing these on a monthly basis and am hoping that you all will inundate me with lots of great ideas for future monthly themes! Eventually I will be taking this idea and selling some products... but more on that later!

So - onto the tool reviews! I used two in particular for this design. Canva and Picsart.

Canva is a really great tool to on-the-fly (minimal amount of time invested) design something. There are a lot of great templates on the site and I can pull together an idea board in a flash. Below is one I created using one of the templates on Canva for mood boards.

As you can see my mood board depicts several ideas, all of which relate to a central theme.

Obviously future boards will consist of original photos, products, and art. In this example - I used built in photos from Canva and creative commons places, for both the photos section and the products section. For the art section I used Picsart to do some overlays and get some more font choices.

Overall I really loved these tools. I hope you enjoy the creation just as much as I do :)