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Photography Skills: Part 1

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

One of the first things that needs to be done for a new photographer (and really anything) is to understand the tools and tricks of the trade. In other words, getting some of those basic skills in, practicing, and applying that knowledge! That said - I have decided to purchase a few "Skills" masterclasses from Beginner to "Master" photography. Many of these classes happened to have some awesome assets with them so that was an added bonus.

I started with a few classes I found on :

  1. The Photography for Beginners Mastery Bundle

  2. Pay What Want: Photography Bundle Assets

Today I will adventure into the first item in the list. The courses in #1 above are hosted on I am hoping that they are quality information. When I used the bundle code "coupon" on the site it said the original cost of the course was in the $900 range. This is what I have been seeing a typical "online mastery" course. But I have been seeing a lot more coupons, sales, and general % off deals during this crazy time. Also sometimes I wonder if its like the Hanes complex... where they make you think you are getting a great deal, but in reality the stuff only costs like 1 dollar.

Anyways, as I go through the courses I will hopefully be learning new techniques and with that means I will probably have a lot more pictures to post through-out. Additionally - if you have not already noticed, I have turned on the ability to purchase kitch, gizmos, and gadgets with my photos on them. I hope all of you enjoy the presentation and creativity of them all and will support me through this exciting journey!

Until next post - stay safe and keep smiling :).