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What's coming up next for the site?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

It is my feeling that in order to be creative one must be able to learn, accept, and take into consideration other's peoples art. We must accept the opinions and creativity of others. What does this mean exactly for me right now? Well, as part of my first steps to moving forward with my goal of having a photography hobby, learning more about online content and sharing, and blogging I decided that I will be creating (with the help of some great automation tools, friends, and family) a weekly article; or "Newspaper", that will aggregate other peoples thoughts (coming soon), photography, and opinions from across the inter-webs .. and "highlight/advertise" them on my own website. Every artist (this includes photo journalists, writers, designers, graphic artists, traditional/modern artists, and so on) deserves those "15 minutes of fame". Now don't get me wrong, you are probably thinking that this venue probably isn't those "minutes" of fame you were hoping for, but do not fret ... I plan to eventually grow and expand my subscriber base.